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Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Idilfitri Project - smocking pattern

Hai  all,

What have you all been up to? As usual, i am still here and keeping busy with my needlework!  i have way too many project otw.  In the meantime, my Idilfitri Project is in you can see below but this time around there is no particular dateline so i don't have to rush not like my May Project previously huhu.  

Anyway, i'm happy to report that i've  smocked a few patterns of  My Idilfitri Project. i have 4-5 more patterns to go.  Here are some patterns that i've been doing for the past few weeks which i'm so thrill to show.

four plates of smockings...

This sweet pink colour plain fabric is smocked with bargello pattern.  The plate has only 7 rows of smocking and this is for my baby customer.  By the time of Hari Raya she'll be eight - nine months.

i received many requests from my customer to have their gowns smock with bargello pattern and i must admit that i always enjoy smocking this design.  Adorable even!

Finally, the smocking part of this little one is completed!.   i used three different colours of threads to match with the fabric.  This is also for my toddler customer.  i have another three pieces of the same fabric and prints to work out.  Actually these four children are  related.  They are the grand daughters of Aunty Leha, the petronas gas station owner.  She bought 10 mtrs of the fabric and had requested the dresses to be made especially for this coming Idilfitri.

These two above are also related.  The girls are cousins by age of 3 and 5.  The fabric i'm using is a vietnamese cotton.  i  used  DMC threads to get the shiny effect and it took me a week to finish them!

Here's another  pattern especially made for my friend's 3 year old daughter.  My friend Dalilah  wanted a pink printed fabric for her girl so i'm using my in house fabric with tiny colourful flower prints. 

Another  bargello pattern on mind.  This pattern is also requested by  my customer for her adorable baby Adinda.   Her baby is so cute that i can't take my eyes of her everytime i look at her pic. huhu...  i used her own choice of fabric light pink lobster.

i added some smocking details on the sleeves
The dress design is actually an adaptation of the original 'the babe in the wood' but i changed the smocking part to bargello pattern as by request.  But  i think it will  suits her well.

the collars which have not  been sewed

part of the dress has been constructed...

Forward progress is always good don't you think so?  i still have most of the dress construction ahead of me and i really hope to get them done sooner so that they'll reach my customers before the fasting month.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  Enjoy your day!